The following prayer points center around our youth and childrens ministry. You can use them to help guide your prayers.

Crèche Ministry

  • Thank God for the gift of babies, both to their parents & to the church.
  • Pray for protection and Godly covering as TMB babies grow.
  • Praise God for the many people that give up their time to care for the youngest TMBers during various Church services and Bible Study Groups.
  • Pray for crèche volunteers, that they might be faithful and purposeful in their care.
  • Pray for the leaders recruiting and rostering for TMB crèche ministry, ask for wisdom and ongoing energy for the task.
  • Pray that crèche might continue to be a tool that encourages and enables young families to come under the sound of the gospel for the sake of Jesus’ name.

CIA Kids Club Ministry

  • Ask God to call on and provide a new leader for the Friday afternoon program so that CIA can resume ministry as soon as possible.
  • Pray that those children who were attending CIA, particularly those with no other connection to a church, would be built up under God in other ways and through other programs.

Sunday Kid’s Church Ministry (Minis, Midis & Maxis)

  • Thank God for the space and resources to run Kid’s Church programs every Sunday.
  • Praise God for the faithful service of the various teachers & volunteers through whom TMB is able to offer vital ministry to children.
  • Thank God for Naomi Harris and her continued deliberate and faithful work in preparing materials, teaching, recruiting and rostering for Kid’s Church every Sunday. Pray for strength & encouragement. Pray for her own family as she works hard to serve God through Children’s ministry at TMB.
  • Pray that the school holidays bring rest and refreshment to all those serving at Kid’s Church, giving renewed energy for another term.
  • Pray for those that have been asked to serve as teachers for Kid’s Church. Ask that they might take the offer seriously and prayerfully consider how they might be able to serve the children at TMB.
  • Ask that God might provide many more volunteers for Kid’s Church to relieve pressure on the few who are currently serving.
  • Pray that Kid’s church might continue to be a tool that encourages and enables young families to come under the sound of the gospel for the sake of Jesus’ name.
  • Thank God for children and the many blessings He lavishes on us through them.
  • Praise God for His work in the lives and hearts of our youngest followers of Christ.
  • Pray that we might always provide for and never hinder the growth, in faith and service, of our children at TMB.
  • Pray that we might continue to prioritise and hold high the ministry of the gospel to our children, both during and beyond church every Sunday.
  • Ask that God might draw the attention of young families until He is their whole focus and the reason for ‘doing life’ in a way that brings glory to Him.
  • Pray for children connected to TMB who are not yet followers of Jesus. Ask that the Holy Spirit might work in their lives through the various children’s ministries at TMB.
  • Pray for children in Mt Barker not connected with TMB or any other church. Pray that God might see and hear them, draw them to himself and allow Mt Barker to see the fruit of the Holy Spirit in their lives.
  • Ask for God’s protection over the lives of children. Pray that they might be spared of the sin of those who have come before them and that they might be set apart for God’s glory.
  • Pray that those children who were attending CIA, particularly those with no other connection to a church, would be built up under God in other ways and through other programs.

GiG Youth Ministry

  • Praise God for the Friday night youth group ‘GiG - Growing in God’.
  • Thank God for engaging and valued small group Bible study times across the first term.
  • Thank God for the students who attend, for their willingness and desire to study the Bible and know Jesus. 
  • Thank God for the leaders who give up their Friday nights to serve and teach young people at GiG – Katy, Tim, David, Anthea & Daniel.
  • Pray for renewed energy and fervour over the school holiday period as leaders rest and prepare for another term of the GiG program. 
  • Pray for Katy as she writes study guides and continues in planning and preparation for the rest of the year.
  • Pray that the leaders would continue to be challenged to build relationships with the GiG students especially assigned to them with the desire to disciple them towards maturity in Jesus. 
  • Praise God for bringing several new students in contact with GiG who are yet to follow Christ. Ask that He might enable the faithful teaching of the gospel to these young people. 
  • Pray that the gospel would spread rapidly from GiG and that the students would be equipped to share the gospel with their friends.

YA – Young Adults Ministry

  • Thank God for Andrew Harris and his leadership of this ministry. Ask for continued wisdom and energy as he leads a challenging demographic within TMB.
  • Pray that Andrew might be able to effectively and naturally engage with the young adults for the purpose of teaching and building them up.
  • Thank God for the provision of God-honouring and Biblical study guides for YA to use. 
  • Praise God for the encouragement many of our young adults are in word and service to others within the TMB community. 
  • Ask that God would continue to uphold our young adults and spur them on in their spiritual growth and ministry.
  • Pray for more consistent and committed attendance at YA Bible Study on Tuesday nights.
  • Pray that other, older members of the TMB community would take particular interest in the lives of our young adults and come alongside of them in mentoring roles. 
  • Pray that there would be consistent and tangible growth in knowledge through Bible Study for the YA group. 
  • Pray that Tuesday night Bible Study would grow in numbers, both Christian and non-Christian, for the sake of gospel and the praise of Jesus. 

Our Youth & Young Adults

  • Praise God for the gift of young people among us at TMB and in the wider community. Thank God for all the ways they teach and encourage us all.
  • Thank God for the lives of those young people who are constantly seeking His will for their lives. Pray that God might hear their desire and be faithful in His promises. 
  • Pray for TMB’s year 12 and Uni students. Ask that they might be able to honour God in their priorities and choices as they balance study with the rest of their lives.
  • Pray that our youth and young adults might be challenged and discipled towards setting an example for all believers in speech, conduct, love, faith and purity. 
  • Pray for protection from evil over the lives of our young people as their Biblical worldview competes with that of many of their friends. 
  • Pray for the young people that are connected with TMB in one way or another but are yet to be followers of Jesus. Ask that they might come to know the saving grace of God through his Son, and that TMB would be faithful in the discipleship of young believers. 
  • Pray for the many youth and young adults who are yet to come under the sound of the gospel here in the Mt Barker region. Pray that God might use TMB to reach and teach them as the Holy Spirit works in their lives.