We're gathering to pray this Wednesday 28 November, 8 - 9:15 PM at Cornerstone College


While we pray in all sorts of ways and on all manner of occasions, it is especially good to join together in prayer.  Gathering as a church to pray gives us an opportunity as a family to bring our concerns to God, and to join with each other in thanking God for his goodness to us!  Of course, lots of Christians also find it really encouraging to listen to others pray, and to learn from the prayers of other believers.Prayer Gathering

This Prayer Gathering will be hosted and led by our Wednesday Evening Prepared To Serve men's group.

And you can be part of it!

Our focus is going to be praying for people who don't know Jesus; those known to us, people in our region, and those further afield.  We'll also be praying for the Pearces who are preparing to leave us to serve in Mauritius at the end of the year.

We'll also be launching a new focus for us as a church, to help us pray for people close to us who don't know Jesus.

So, please join us Wednesday 28 November, at 8 PM, in Paideia at Cornerstone College. There will be no evening TMB Bible Studies this week.  All groups will be joining in the Prayer Gathering.

You can pray out loud, or not.  And if you come 15 minutes early, at 7:45, tea, coffee, and light snacks will be served!