Hearing God Speak

Since our time on Sunday reflecting on how God promises to speak to us through the Scriptures, a number of people have realised they need to be more deliberate in their personal reading of the Bible, but didn't know where to start.  Below are some resources that may help you read the Bible deliberately and regularly. You don't need to use them all! Just try one or two and see how you go. You may like to meet regularly with a Christian friend, or in a triplet, so you can talk about what you're learning and to help keep each other accountable in this discipline. 

Some recent research among Christians across the world found that:

“the number one thing you can do for yourself spiritually is read the Bible four times a week or more. Read it this frequently, and your life looks completely different to those who don’t read the Bible, or read it less than that.”

Reading Plans & Notes Children & Youth Web, Apps, & More
The Daily Reading Bible. 
60 undated readings with questions to get you thinking. Each reading includes the full Bible text.  Great for reading on the bus, or during a lunch break! (Australian). $7.95   http://mytmb.me/TDRBV1

For The Love of God.
Daily readings to take you through the Bible in a year. Or you can read less each day and take longer. With comments on the Bible passage from author & scholar D A Carson. $19.95  http://mytmb.me/FTLOGV1

Three Year Reading Plan.

From Tim Chester, pastor and church planter in the UK. Allocates readings for each week, rather than each day, to read the Bible in 3 years (including the NT twice). http://mytmb.me/3yrwkly
Beginning with God.  
Helps parents with young children explore the Bible with their child. A simple and fun way to start your child in a regular habit of reading God's word & growing to know God. Includes stickers! $7.99  http://mytmb.me/begwgod

XTB. (7 - 10 years) 
Reading notes and activities especially for 7 - 10 year olds. Helps kids read, understand, apply and pray through the Bible. $7.99  http://mytmb.me/xtb7-10

Discover. (11 - 14 years) 
Daily readings for teenagers, to help grow a love for, and understanding of, God, through his Word.  3 months of readings with questions & activities.http://mytmb.me/disc6614

The Jesus Storybook Bible.(Pre-school - Primary School) 
Perhaps the best Bible for children and families available. Highlights God's rescue plan for the world through Jesus in every Bible story. $17.95 http://mytmb.me/thejsb

The Bible App for Kids 
See right hand column.
The Bible App.  FREE! 
Bible App with HEAPS of translations, so you can choose one you can read easily. Includes many reading plans, short-term and the "read the Bible in a year" type, including one produced by Billy Graham.  You can set reminders on your device, to help you set aside the time to read the Bible. Available for every conceivable device!  http://mytmb.me/yvbapp14 

Bible App for Kids.  FREE!
Allows kids to interact with Bible stories and see it come to life through animation, sounds, and the Bible text.  http://mytmb.me/bapp4k

Bible+  FREE!
Free apps for Android, iOS, Mac & Windows.  Incorporates reading plans to help you read regularly, including topical plans. ie "Forgiveness," "Marriage."   Includes the option to download or purchase additional resources. http://mytmb.me/1jP04sq

Bible Gateway.  FREE!
Website with many short and long Bible reading plans, and the possibility of reading in different translations.  http://mytmb.me/bibgate


PsalmsThe Bible Study Guide for our upcoming teaching series in Psalms 32 - 34 is now available to download.  Get your copy in our Resources Library.

You can also collect a copy from the Welcome Table on Sundays, or from the office.

You can find the Sunday ministry roster for our 10AM service here.


For those of you who weren't able to join us for the Hour of Prayer last night, as we prayed for our church and ministries, here they are.Hour of Prayer

Thank God for Clayton & Darren, the pastors He has raised up to serve TMB.  Praise God for his continuing work in their lives, for his provision & care as they lead, teach & shepherd the church.
Ask that God might have a firm hand over the lives of our pastors. Pray for protection over their spiritual lives, for the strengthening of their marriages and families and for the development of their maturity in Christ Jesus.
Thank God for those in staff support roles (Jessica & Sally-Anne), thank Him for the ways he is providing for his church through them and their God-given gifts and talents.
Ask that God would give energy and wisdom to Jess & Sally-Anne as they serve Him through TMB. Pray that as they work they might keep their eyes fixed on their Heavenly Father, working only out of a desire to hear Him say “well done, good and faithful servant”.
Thank God for those serving on the Leadership Team. Thank God for their willingness and sacrifice as they set aside time, thought and energy for the wellbeing of the church.
Ask that God would provide wisdom, integrity and holy discernment as the Leadership Team seeks to prayerfully see the gospel spread rapidly and be honoured from TMB.

Praise God for the provision of new ministry area leadership in Darren Russ. Ask that he might be given wisdom and clarity as he oversees this part of church ministry and life.
Pray for the leaders of each BSG. Pray that God would remain Lord of their lives, growing them up as they lead others in the study of scripture and prayer for one another.
Thank God for the opportunities BSGs give us to care for and love one another as a church. Pray that all members of BSGs might take up these opportunities for pastoral care, so that joys and sorrows might be truly shared and heavy loads made lighter amongst godly community.
Pray for the new BSGs forming for 2014. Ask that God would allow the swift building of genuine relationship and trust as these groups meet to open the Bible together.
Pray for those who are not yet connected with a BSG. Ask that the Holy Spirit might move and stir the hearts of these people so that they might seek the privilege and blessing of serving and being provided for as part of a BSG.
Pray particularly for the BSGs whose members are new Christians. Pray that the seeds of the gospel would take root in good soil through the study of scripture and that we might see good fruit for the glory of God.
Give thanks for our Kids’ Church and Youth Ministry Area Leaders at TMB (Naomi & Katy). Praise God for his work in their lives and for giving them a heart to teach and serve our young people.
Pray for physical and spiritual health and energy in 2014 and for wisdom as Naomi and Katy put together their programs for the year.
Praise God for all those serving in leadership roles as part of crèche, minis, midis, maxis and GiG. Thank God for their willingness to serve and ask that He might be faithful in their service.
Pray that they might be encouraged as they teach scripture and that by the Spirit they might be upheld in Godly living that sets a good example for the young ones looking on.
Thank God for the parents and families of our children and youth. Praise him for the ways in which they support and allow the spiritual growth of their children through the programs at TMB.
Pray that our church families would continue to open the Bible together for themselves and use the children’s and youth programs at TMB as only one part of the intentional discipleship of the children in their care. 

Give thanks for the many among our church family who oversee and serve in the ministry of our Sunday gathers at TMB.
Pray for those in Ministry Area leadership and Gathering Coordinator roles across many areas: Tech & Set-up, Welcoming, Hospitality, Pastoral Care and music. Ask God for humble servant hearts as these people gift His church with their energy, time and talent.
Pray for those serving in ‘up the front’ roles; serving us through corporate prayers, the reading of the scriptures and the leading of God’s people in worship through song. Pray for modest service and self-sacrifice so that those who lead us from the front might always point us to Christ without distraction or distortion.
Pray for those serving in ‘behind the scenes’ roles. Thank God for the usefulness of their gifts in His church. Encourage these people as they serve us, that they might find joy in serving God through the humble and practical tasks that are so important to Sunday gatherings at TMB.
Give praise for those who are gifted to teach and guide us in our public teaching on Sundays.
Pray that God might equip them in knowledge and truth so that they can teach us what is right and good according to His living word. Ask that the Holy Spirit would guard the hearts and minds of our preachers that they might speak holy words set aside for the edification and building up of God’s people. 

red starWe are pleased to confirm that we will be offering supervised actvities on Sunday mornings throughout the school holidays for children up to year 6 in school.

Our regular Kids' Church program concludes on Sunday December 7th. For each of the following Sundays, ChildSafe approved leaders will be supervising craft, music, worksheets, DVDs, or other activities so parents, other adults and older children can gain the most from the Sunday gathering.

Activities will be running at both 9 AM and 11 AM church.  Children will start in the main gathering before being invited to leave for the day's activities.


GCMA friend of mine once told me that being part of a church is like sitting in a row boat with a group of people, heading for a particular island.  As long as everyone has the same vision for where the expedition should be going and is willing to do their part, things work well.  But if one of the rowers thinks they should be heading for a different island, or for no island at all, or if some people think things would be much better if everyone stayed on the shore, or if people want to know why they ought to be rowing, or if they don’t know how to row, then everyone gets tired and frustrated and the group never arrives at their intended destination.
God, Church & Me is an opportunity for us to make sure we’re all heading for the same island!
God, Church & Me is a group for people who are new to Trinity, people who are stepping into leadership in our church, and for anyone who just wants to find out what makes TMB tick.  God, Church & Me will run over the four Wednesday nights in February, and gives us a chance to examine something of what the Bible has to say about God & Us, Scripture & Prayer, Growing & Giving and Church & Leadership.  We believe that God speaks very clearly on these themes in the Bible, not just in abstract terms, but in ways that can (and should) shape our lives and our life together.
Each session of God, Church & Me will start in the Scriptures with one of those themes and then move on to a discussion of how life and ministry at Trinity Mount Barker are shaped by what we’ve just seen in God’s Word; Why we do what we do, how our leadership works, what the Trinity Network is, how finances are handled, who to speak to if you want to get involved in a particular ministry, and more!
God, Church & Me will give you a glimpse at the things we think are essential to our life together, as well as giving you an opportunity to ask any questions you have about our church.
If you consider Trinity to be your church home, can I encourage you to make the time to join us?  God, Church & Me will run from 7:30 – 9:30 PM in the church offices, February 5, 12, 19 & 26.  If you’re new to Trinity, stepping in to a new leadership role, or if you’ve done some of the sessions but missed others, even if you’d just like to have some questions answered, please let us know you’re coming by email or on a Green Communication Card.

Good news for all our members and friends on the South Coast!South Coast Studies


We have started a second Bible Study Group in addition to our existing group, and both groups are now running Sunday evenings at 5 PM in the Middleton Pioneer Hall.  We are simultaneously running a high-school aged study group and a kids' program at the same venue.

If you're on the South Coast, you're most welcome to join us!

Sundays 5 PM.
Middleton Pioneer Hall
Walker Place, Middleton. 

Coming to our re-launch at Cornerstone on 22 February? Please make sure to park in the right spot.

There's lots of great parking available at Cornerstone and we will have signs and people directing you to the best place to park.

Please do leave the parking spaces immediately outside of the Middle School building free for people with mobility challenges, mothers with prams and others who might need this space.

There's plenty of overflow parking behind the gym and the main school buildings.

In your excitement to find the 'perfect place to park', please also remember to keep your speed to less than 25 kph, as there will be lots of children and other people around.

Solidarity Sunday Leaflet Front ImageOn Sunday November 2, our church took part in Solidarity Sunday.

It was a time where more than 600 churches across Australia showed solidairity with our Christain brothers and sisters being persecuted by ISIS in Iraq and Syria, as well as those in other parts of the persecuted church around the world.

We held a BBQ after church and a special 'Hour of Prayer' from 2 PM.

Please click on the image to download the PDF containing helpful information and Prayer Points that were used in the prayer time.


One of the many exciting aspects about our re-launch at Cornerstone College on 22 February will be the new facilities.  Meeting as a single 10 AM gathering in a larger facility will create more room for people to join us, and enable us to more quickly plant more new churches and congregations to help people hear about Jesus.

The Cornerstone College Middle School is a user-friendly building that provides direct car-parking access to our ground-floor gatherings for parents with prams and for people who have mobility challenges.  

There are plenty of other car-parks scattered around the school grounds for everyone else to take advantage of. We will have lots of signage and helpers available to show people where they can park.

For more information on the new facilities, see here: mytmb.me/cc15updates

A climate controlled building, ease of access and plentiful car-parking, a central location and great facilities are only a few of the advantages of our relaunch at Cornerstone. But as much as the facilities provide an improved means for our meeting together, the purpose of why we gather remains the same; for the Word of God to spread rapidly and be honoured in our region.

It is our hope that the new facilities provide the opportunity for God's people to be built up in the Lord and for many more people to be introduced to the Lord Jesus through gospel ministry.

For this reason we encourage you to take advantage of the prayer focus cards that have been distributed. These help focus our prayers on people that God has placed on our hearts to invite along to church in our new gathering. God instructs us to pray at all times and especially for people to come into a saving relationship with the Lord Jesus.

We are also holding an 'Hour Of Prayer' specifically for our relaunch at Cornerstone on Feb 2 in the church offices at 8pm; please do make time to come along and participate. It is only an hour and is a wonderful time to meet together in order to raise up our requests to God and praise Him for what He has been doing and will be doing in the life of our church community and beyond.

Coming to our re-launch on 22 February at Cornerstone College?

Please plan to stay around afterwards for a sausage sizzle!

We anticipate that there will be lots of newcomers and plenty of regulars, so what better opportunity to spend some time eating together?!

Please plan to come along, and celebrate together after our first Sunday service at Cornerstone.

On February 14th, Revelation Music & Ministry will be holding a New Year's Praise event with Greg Cooper, Men in Boats, Mark Peterson and Luke Woodhouse.

Greg Cooper is coming back to Adelaide for one night only. Greg is one of the members of Garage Hymnal, who played at Revelation Conference last year. Come and hear some of his solo music, including some of his fantastic congregational songs.

Men in Boats is a brand new Adelaide based worship band made up of Jamie Seyfang, Jack and Sam Page, and Dave Harrington. Don't miss their fresh, edgy folk style.

Mark Peterson and Luke and Vicki Woodhouse will also lead us in some newies and faves.

So, won't you join us for this fantastic event at St Barts Anglican Church, 77 Beulah Rd, Norwood on February 14? Tickets are available at the door, and doors open at 7 PM.

For more information, visit revelation.org.au.